How I Went from a Girl with a Serious Shopping Problem, To a Working Girl with Multiple Sources of Income and a Savings Plan.

I am a strong believer of the saying, “Shopping is the best form of therapy.”Getting paid on a Friday and going out to blow off my check on that same weekend became anextremely bad habit of mine. If I had

Getting over your fears– applying to internships

Calling all confident queens to this post! Hi! Are you currently enrolled in college and desperateto find internships but are hesitant to apply… because same. Let me introduce myself. My nameis Sonia, I am currently a rising junior at the

credit card

How Getting a Credit Card at 18 Impacted My Credit Score, and How I Managed to Fix it at 22

“Opening your first credit card at 18, will help build your credit early.” These were the wisewords my dad had told me on our way to the bank just a few days after my 18 th birthday.At that young of

single mom

How Growing Up with a Single Working Mom Impacted Me

For the majority of my life and time growing up, it was just my mother and I. My parents’ divorce when I was 8 years old led to my house just being filled with my mom and I. In addition