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passive income

Best passive income streams that will make you money in 2022

What is passive income?

The term “passive income” has been used in recent years to describe earnings that aren’t regularly generated by a person’s main job. The most common forms of passive income are dividends, interest and capital gains. Passive income should not be confused with low-risk or low-return investments which can also generate steady streams of income.

Passive income is nothing new. For example, real estate investing has been passive income for decades. It’s the same idea at work here — you are generating an investment return on your money without actively working to make that money yourself. You may also hear people talk about “passive business income”. This simply means that while you may do work in your business, you are using systems and tools so the income generated is passive.

Before we get too deep here, it’s important to note that there is nothing inherently wrong with earning more than you spend and investing the difference to build wealth over time. In fact, this is how many people strive to build solid financial lives. It may feel as though you’ve made a lot of sacrifices if your first response to hearing about passive income is “so, I have to work harder so other people can play?” But this isn’t the case at all.

Passive income requires far less time once you have maxed out your lifestyle passive income. You can use your free time to learn new skills, find new business opportunities or do whatever you enjoy with what is now available to you. Passive income isn’t about working harder, it’s about leveraging yourself so that more of your time can be spent on things that are important to you.

So why isn’t everyone generating passive income?

There are a few reasons. First, people tend to think of investments as something they can readily understand and apply themselves. But there is no such thing as investing without work. Even if you don’t have money to invest, you still need time and skills to make your money grow. Passive income isn’t just about saving, it’s about choosing how your money is spent. This means that passive income is something you can learn and apply to your life. It doesn’t come out of nowhere or fall from the sky.

Okay, so passive income seems pretty simple — but how do I get started?

How to make passive income 

can be a very difficult question to answer. It’s okay, we’re going to give it a try anyway. The first step is probably the hardest. You have to change your mindset from one of consumption to one of production . This means that you need to look at anything and everything in your life that might be an asset and start thinking about ways in which you can generate a passive income from that asset.

You may not be able to think of anything in your personal life or your current profession that would produce a return. That’s okay, we’ll get to that later on when we talk about how to find passive income ideas . But there are countless ways to turn things around you into an investment asset.

How many passive income streams should you have?

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Most financial experts advise having multiple income streams for both passive and active sources of revenue. Here’s why:

An emergency, illness or job loss could happen at any time. If you only have one source of income , you could find yourself struggling to make ends meet if anything happens that prevents you from working for a period of time. But if you have passive income coming in on top of your salary, you’ll be able to cover your necessary expenses even if something unexpected takes place. You won’t rely as heavily on an employer either — freeing up more time to look for work (or play!)

You should probably set out with the goal of implementing 3-5 passive income ideas. More than that can get overwhelming, especially when trying to develop different streams takes time. At the same time, you don’t want your efforts to be spread too thin. Finding 3-5 passive income ideas that work for you is a good balance.

It’s important to note that passive income isn’t an instant road to riches or financial freedom. You need to learn how money works (or doesn’t) and develop some basic skills before putting your plan into action. This includes figuring out what passive income sources will work for you, implementing them in your life, growing them into sustainable moneymakers, and planning for the future.

How do I find passive income ideas?

Passive income options are everywhere! There are many different ways to generate passive income, but they all have two things in common:

They require time and effort to implement They offer the potential for ongoing, passive income

High level-strategy:

Start by looking at your daily life and finding ways in which you can be more productive. How much time do you spend watching television? Could you be learning a new language or skill instead? Maybe even start your own side hustle with something like Uber! After all, what’s better than making money while doing what you love?

But don’t get overwhelmed! If it’s not practical for you to quit your job today, there are still plenty of options that will work for you. Keep reading below . You’ll find some specific examples that may inspire you to take action — along with some great tools to get started right now.

Best 27 passive income ideas:

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1)     Start a blog 

Blogging, as a passive income idea, is one of the most popular ways to generate income. The truth is that if you can create a blog that provides value for your readers and has the potential to earn ad revenue — it’s absolutely possible to start earning passive income from blogging. Even with just a few hundred visitors per month, you might be able to generate some extra cash from your blog.

There are a few different ways bloggers make money:

– ads on the site itself affiliate marketing services 

– “link referral” programs (aka affiliate marketing) where you earn commissions by sending readers to another website/company products or courses creation 

– putting together information in e-book or online course format and making it available for sale on your site Sponsorships 

If you can figure out how to create a blog that generates enough money, even in the smallest amounts per month, you’ll be set. You can monetize your blog in different ways.

Advertising money is pretty passive (assuming you aren’t spending hours creating new content for the site). Once you’ve got your blog up and running, it’s mostly about keeping it relevant and updating it with fresh information.

Affiliate marketing also tends to be an easy passive income stream — assuming the product is good! Just send readers over to Amazon to buy something, get paid a commission, and enjoy your caffe mocha frappuccino guilt-free! It’s important to remember though that affiliate marketing isn’t a passive income idea if you’re just sending traffic to Amazon for the sake of earning commissions. You need to take it one step further and actually create content that adds value for your readers. Then, it’s a passive income stream.

2)     Buy and sell websites

A lot of people shy away from this passive income idea because they think it sounds complicated. But in reality, buying and selling websites is a great way to create a steady stream of revenue. If you understand the basics, it’s possible for you to start buying and selling sites in your spare time after work or on weekends!

When looking at website investments, there are two main factors that affect how much money you can potentially make:

The monthly traffic – generally speaking, more traffic means more opportunity for ad revenue 

The current earnings – generally speaking, better-performing sites equal more potential for profits down the road

Sure, some businesses may take years before turning a profit — but what’s the point of working hard when you can put your efforts into passive income ideas that work long after you’ve gone to sleep?

3)     Develop an online course

This passive income idea is pretty straightforward, but that’s because it’s one of the most common ways to make money on the internet. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new ways to monetize their websites , so taking your knowledge base and packaging it in an online course (or even hosting a live class) can be a great way to do this!

The best part about developing an online course with any passive income idea here is that you don’t have to spend hours creating something brand new. You can take some existing blog content or create slideshows if you prefer .

One example of someone who has successfully built upon his blogging audience is 

4)    Write a book or e-book

Writing a book is another great way to make passive income through your website! Whether you plan to self-publish or go the traditional publishing route, writing and selling an ebook is one of the best ways bloggers can make money .

Like creating courses and selling them online, this passive income idea takes advantage of all the hard work you’ve already put into your blog ! Just take some of your most popular posts , combine them together (or write something completely new!), and sell it as an e-book.

You don’t need to try and write an entire novel — just pull out your favorite parts, add some bonus tips you’ve learned along the way, and package it together in a downloadable PDF file!

Sell digital products (such as ebooks or videos)

Another way bloggers make passive income is by selling their own digital products . Whether you create an online course, write a book, or record some helpful video content — selling your own digital products is one of the best ways to earn long-term passive income.

It’s important that you offer high quality information if you hope to succeed with this passive income idea. No matter how much time and effort goes into creating something , it means nothing if no one ends up buying! Even online courses can be difficult to sell if they aren’t worth people’s time or money .

When it comes to selling digital products , quality definitely matters more than quantity if you hope to attract your first customers .

Write a book

Although it requires more work than the other passive income ideas listed here, this option has definitely stood the test of time.

Many people enjoy reading blogs, but some prefer reading books instead — especially if they’re looking for some in-depth and detailed information on a particular topic.

If you care about your passive income idea, this is definitely one of the more effective ways to build an audience and get long term results. Sure, not everyone will want to write a book  or put in the work it takes to succeed, but if you’re passionate about your topic — this option is definitely worth considering.

It’s also important to note that writing a book isn’t easy! Even though the final product may only be around 50 – 100 pages , it typically takes dozens of hours to craft even a short book . These are just some of the reasons why so many people choose to hire ghostwriters or outsource large portions of their books instead. Although this decision requires an upfront investment — it can pay off in big ways down the road .

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5)    Create an affiliate marketing site

One of my favorite passive income ideas is promoting affiliate products . Although this idea tends to be more time consuming than other passive income options, there are plenty of ways to find instant success with this approach!

It’s possible for bloggers with little to no experience to start earning commissions almost immediately . Since you aren’t actually selling anything yourself , it’s pretty easy for anyone to get started on this kind of income stream.

As long as you’re offering high quality content that people want to read, there’s a good chance that you could start earning affiliate commissions right away . Sure, your website may not be as popular as others , but if you find the right offer and present it in a helpful way — it doesn’t matter how much traffic or other resources you have!

6)     Tutor online 

Teaching others can be another great way to share your knowledge and expertise , while also keeping you on the cutting edge of your niche.

One thing worth mentioning about this idea is that it’s possible to do almost everything related to teaching online . You could offer individual lessons through Skype, record screencasts of yourself teaching a new skill, or even start a podcast instead.

Another option worth considering is working as a tutor for a company like Chegg . Although they usually focus on college-level students , there’s still some opportunities for those with specialized knowledge to offer tutoring sessions through the site.

7)     Develop an online business

One of the most important things to remember about passive income is that it requires work before it will start to pay off.

Although you can find shortcuts if you’re willing to put in more effort , they won’t be as effective (and they aren’t usually worth the added cost). If you truly want to create a viable online business , it’s important not to skip any steps.

Even though some folks will have an easier time than others, every successful business needs these 4 components : A great product, a way for customers to learn about your product , traffic on your site, and where money comes in. 

Benefits of starting an online business

If you can successfully combine all 4 elements , your online business will be able to stand the test of time and provide a great return on investment.

Although it’s possible to start passive income projects that only require one or 2 of these things, it’s definitely best if you can manage them all. This ensures that your efforts won’t go to waste and you’ll see real results in the long term .

8)     Become a freelancer

Although freelancing can be a little difficult in the beginning , it’s actually one of the best passive income ideas if you’re able to establish yourself.

To start with, most freelancers are given the freedom to set their own schedule . Although they do have deadlines, in most cases they aren’t expected to work on them around-the-clock. Instead, they have full control over how many hours they work each week.

Another benefit of being a freelancer is that you get to decide how much your services are worth . As long as you complete every project successfully , there’s no limit on what you can earn! Even though this might not seem like much at first — remember that these projects are completely scalable . This means that even if you can only dedicate part of your time to them, they’ll still provide a worthwhile ROI in the future.

9)     Start an online store

One of the most popular passive income ideas on the market is starting some form of an ecommerce store .

When it comes down to it, there are two main ways that you can approach this — you could choose to sell physical products or digital ones instead. Although it might seem like selling digital information would be easier than trying to ship heavy objects , the process isn’t quite as simple as it seems.

First, if you’re giving away any kind of content for free , it will be tough to convince others that they should purchase anything from you later on. Even though most people won’t buy your products on the first try, it’s still best if you can find a way to provide value before they have to pay for anything .

Another issue is that once someone has gotten their hands on what you’re selling , they might not be very likely to do business with you in the future. Instead of trying their luck somewhere else , they’ll just give up and purchase from another company in the future instead.

If you really want to offer them an incentive or deal that no one else can beat , only give away part of your content for free . Then, sell something truly unique in comparison — maybe an added bonus or upgraded version of what you’ve already provided. This will ensure that people are much more inclined to purchase from you because they feel like they can’t get something better anywhere else.

10)  Teach English Online

Although this may not seem like much in the beginning , teaching English online can be one of the best passive income ideas around.

The great thing about teaching English is that you aren’t required to have any particular education or experience . All you really need is a TEFL certification along with some patience and dedication. If you’re able to create your own website , there are even more ways for you to expand your reach and get students interested in what you have to offer.

One of the biggest advantages of teaching English online is that it’s completely scalable . If anyone needs additional lessons , they can just come back and book another session with you later on. This means that if your schedule allows, you’ll never run out of work — which definitely beats being forced to miss out just because you have other priorities.

Although it’s definitely possible to create your own website , there are also plenty of other platforms that allow you to teach English online for free . This way, you won’t have to worry about additional fees or creating a site from scratch — especially if this is your first time teaching lessons in general!

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11)     Become an Uber driver or courier

Another passive income idea that people recommend is driving for Uber or another ride-sharing service.

If you live in a big city, this can actually be much more lucrative than it sounds — especially when the demand is high. Even though you are limited on how many hours you can each week, the sheer amount of people looking for transportation means that you should be able to earn a fairly steady paycheck.

If you have your own car, you can usually sign up right away . However, if this isn’t the case , it’s important to remember that Uber requires its drivers to use their own vehicles . Not only is this an added expense for beginning drivers, but it also means that you’ll need to pay for gas and other maintenance costs once everything has been said and done.

While driving for Uber might not be everyone’s personal cup of tea — there are other ways that people can make money with ride-sharing services. One option is becoming a courier or delivery driver who brings other people’s packages wherever they need to go. This way, all you really have to do is drive — and it can still provide you with a pretty decent passive income each month.

12)    Become a virtual assistant

Although this option doesn’t work for everyone , making money as a virtual assistant has been one of the most popular methods for earning a passive income . The great thing about being a VA is that there are really no limits on how much you can make or how many clients you have. Although some companies won’t allow you to take on additional commissions outside of your assigned workload, there are always ways around these rules if necessary .

When it comes to working with VAs, one of the best things that I’ve noticed is how flexible they typically are when trying to find time in their schedule. As long as they’re given enough notice, most VAs are capable of finding time in their own schedule for any additional tasks that need to get done . This means that you’ll be free to choose when and how much you want to work at any given time — which is definitely something worth looking into if you already have some experience with these kinds of services.

13)  Start a youtube channel

 If you have an interest or skill that others might be interested in, creating a YouTube channel is definitely one of the best passive income ideas out there . Not only are there many different ways to monetize videos , but starting a channel can also give people who might not have access to another platform for sharing their thoughts and passions.

Although it’s true that making money off of your videos can take some time — especially if you aren’t focused on hitting specific milestones each week — investing in good equipment early on will make things much easier later down the line. Compared to other passive income ideas , earning with Youtube has one of the lowest barriers for entry, which means that anyone should be able to get started without having to worry about being turned down for not having a large enough following.

14)  Rent out old baby gear

Done with your baby gear? If you already have some of the essentials lying around, renting these items out could be one of the easiest passive income ideas that you’ll ever come across . Not only is there a huge market for this kind of service , but starting a rental company can also help people avoid expensive storage fees — which might not make as much sense once your child has grown up.

Although it’s true that most places won’t allow you to rent or sell used baby diapers anymore , there are usually plenty of other options available. This means that those who want to take advantage of this method should definitely start exploring now, before they actually need anything from their stockpile.

15)  Become a translator 

Thanks to the soaring popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, people are constantly looking for ways that they can translate messages into different languages — which means that there’s never been a better time to become a translator . Not only is this something that most anyone can do with enough practice , but it’s also one of those passive income ideas that can pay off big-time in some situations.

Although you might have some extra competition from other translators at first, providing high-quality translations will usually allow you to stand out from the crowd over time . This means that once you’ve established yourself as an expert , all you’ll really need to do is continue on your current path until your reputation begins paying off. Even if things don’t work out as planned, it’s important to keep in mind that the more experience you have with translations, the easier it will be to find a job of this nature later on.

16)  Become an Airbnb host

 If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind sharing their living space, becoming an Airbnb host could be one of the best passive income ideas that you’ll find . Although there are some downsides to hosting guests (especially if the wrong people show up), having a place where search engines can easily find your listing can make it much easier to get started with.  

Even if you aren’t too concerned about receiving massive amounts of traffic in your area, this is still one of the best passive income ideas for anyone who’s looking to make a little extra money without putting too much time or effort into it. All you’ll really need to do is register on Airbnb , set up your space, and wait for the offers to roll in — which will probably be faster than you might think.

There are also some other options available when it comes to getting paid as an Airbnb host , including things like Paypal credits and gift cards . Even though you won’t always receive cash for your listings, these kinds of transactions can give you instant access to funds that you can end up using on whatever you want — which is always nice.  

17)  Buy an existing business

If you’re really looking for ways to get started with passive income ideas that can work even when you aren’t around, buying an existing business might be your best bet . Once you’ve managed to find a profitable company , all that’s left is to take care of the paperwork and then let things run their course — which means that you’ll never have to worry about actually running this kind of enterprise.

Although it might seem like a good idea in theory, finding the right business to buy will usually require quite a bit of research and planning. This often includes everything from talking to people in related industries to examining financial records — both of which should be considered mandatory if you want anything to go smoothly.

Although there are always risks involved in this type of business transaction, the right amount of preparation should make it possible for anyone to own a profitable company without too much trouble.

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18)  Flip houses

Although it might require some additional money on your part to get started, flipping houses can be a great passive income idea if you know what you’re doing . This usually involves buying a new property, renovating it as much as possible, and then selling it for a considerable amount more than the original price.

Although this does require a bit of work up front (especially since you’re not always going to sell things quickly), finding someone who’s willing to pay top dollar for renovated properties is surprisingly common — especially in areas that are experiencing an influx of wealthy inhabitants. 

With that being said, there are also some other benefits that go along with this kind of business transaction , including the possibility of getting tax credits and depreciation deductions. As long as you’ve done everything correctly, these perks can make it so that your net income is much higher than what you might expect.

19)  Buy a rental property

It’s one of the best passive income ideas because it doesn’t require too much effort to get started , and all you really need is enough money for a down payment to make things go . This will be used to purchase your property (which can include almost anything from single-family homes to larger apartment complexes), after which you’ll pay the mortgage on an ongoing basis. Even if you don’t have any rental properties currently, finding someone who wants to sell can be surprisingly easy — provided that you know where to look.

Once your investment starts bringing in some extra cash, everything else should practically take care of itself — especially once your initial loan has been paid off. Although there are always going to be problems that come up over time, a good management system should make it so that you never have to worry about a problem getting out of hand.

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20)  Become a dog walker

If you’re really looking for passive income ideas that can turn into quick cash, becoming a dog walker might be your best option . Although many people don’t like the idea of having two full-time jobs (which is what this essentially becomes), finding someone who wants this service often only takes an email or phone call to get started.

As long as you’re willing to stick with your customers and see things through every single day, increasing the amount of money you make shouldn’t be too difficult — especially once you start building up a dedicated group of repeat buyers. Although you might not get rich with this kind of enterprise, it’s actually possible to walk more than six dogs at the same time — just as long as you’re careful when taking them outside. 

As long as you have a good understanding of the area where you’re walking your furry customers, there are also some other benefits that can make things even easier , including getting paid for letting people watch their pets. Although it might take some work to get started, walking dogs can be one of the best passive income ideas if you know what you’re doing .

21)   Start renting out your spare bedroom

It comes down to your own living situation, but one of the easiest passive income ideas is to simply rent out a room in your home . This can be especially useful if you live somewhere where your property value has recently gone up, because it means that you could actually make some money by doing next to nothing.

Although there are some complications that come with this kind of set-up (especially in terms of having strangers coming in and out), the amount of income potential is simply too good to ignore . Even if you decide to charge $500 per month in rent, having just one tenant for a year would mean earning an extra $6,000 — which is more than enough to pay off all kinds of different bills.

Even better, renting out individual rooms can easily become profitable over time , especially once multiple people start paying you every single month. If your house doesn’t have enough rooms, you can also split the profits with someone else — though this does require more work on your part.

22)  Rent your car or parking spaces

If you have a car that’s just sitting around without being used, renting it out can be one of the best passive income ideas , at least from a financial perspective. Although there are some things to take into account when it comes to something like this (including your insurance policy and how much you should charge per day), your main goal is going to be finding someone who needs a way of getting around their neighborhood .

As long as you have access to parking for both yourself and whoever you’re renting your car out to, all that’s left is signing up on sites like Turo or Airbnb — which will require close attention if you want to get started right away. Even though it might not be too complicated in theory, taking care of these kinds of issues is often the toughest part.

Once everything is set up and running, you can start earning money with just about anything that’s sitting in your garage . This could include bikes, motorcycles , and even power tools if you’re renting out a space to work on projects. It all comes down to what you have access to and how much extra space you might have available at home.

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23) Start a podcast

Even though it might feel like a brand new idea, podcasts have been around for several years now — and they’re only going to become more popular as the years go on. In fact , podcasters are making hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by simply talking about whatever comes to mind — instead of having to sell or promote specific products in order to make money .

Of course, “not having to sell anything” is pretty much the definition of passive income , which means that this could be one of the best ideas you’ve ever heard of if you want something that requires very little work. The downside is that this idea probably isn’t going to be fully accessible until you have some sort of online presence , but the amount of passion and insight that you need to have is usually just a small fraction of what it takes to be successful in other areas.

The only thing that’s left is finding the right niche and figuring out how you’re going to turn this into an actual source of income — something that is easier said than done, but which is also entirely up to you . Even though there are probably hundreds of podcasts in any given topic, many podcasters find themselves making thousands of dollars each month without having to do much.

24)  Create an app

If you like the idea of passive income, but feel like it needs to be tied to something more physical or concrete, then getting into app development might be one of the best things you can possibly do. As long as there’s a market for your creation and you’re willing to learn how to code , this is going to be an extremely lucrative source of cash even before you start selling anything.

At the same time, apps don’t have a physical entity that you need to focus on — which means that once they’re ready to go live, all they really need is some marketing in order for them make money. Even though paying people upfront is still part of the process for many mobile applications (especially if there aren’t any freemium options), most of the revenue is going to be generated by people who download and use your product.

As long as you’re willing to learn how to code and put in the necessary time, this can work even if you don’t have a ton of money upfront — which makes it an extremely attractive option for anyone looking into passive income ideas . Even though this might seem like more of a commitment than some other options, once your app gets featured on mobile marketplaces or online stores, there’s no limit to what it can do.

25)  Write a digital guide

If you don’t mind sharing your expertise and insight online through a series of digital guides, books , or videos — there’s no limit to how much money you could potentially earn. If anything, this is probably one of the most tried-and-true methods for passive income that anyone can possibly think of .

The only real caveat here is that these kinds of projects require a lot more work than other ideas on this list — but if that doesn’t bother you, it might be one of the best ways to generate an income. This kind of information can be sold as ebooks, put up as webinars , or even published as blog posts — depending on what will make the biggest impact for your audience.

According to some reports , ebooks are experiencing a bit of a comeback thanks to people who have been able to generate millions of dollars by publishing their own work — and that trend doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. Even if you’re not sure how to get started, there are plenty of different options available to help you find success , meaning that anyone can eventually become successful.

In case you didn’t know, several brands already use this method so as to improve engagement with customers . For example, IBM publishes a number of digital guides for its clients on topics such as robot process automation or the cloud . Other companies simply share white papers – documents where they describe their products – for potential buyers.

Since all these can be considered as long-form content, publications are an attractive choice for brands even if their main business is not publishing, but one of the industries mentioned above (i.e. B2B, B2C).

26)  Record audiobooks

Nowadays, several brands and freelancers use ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) to earn money by recording audiobooks . It was recently acquired by Amazon and allows anyone to create an account and become a publisher on its platform without any fee.

ACX works like this: authors who want to narrate their own stories upload them , along with the price they want for each finished hour of audio. There are no upfront fees or royalties involved. Once approved, narrators can start working on the book, receiving half of the royalty every time it’s sold. If you’re looking for passive income ideas , this is definitely one that could work well since basically all you need is a good microphone and some editing skills in order to get started.

27)  Sell products on etsy

Etsy is a great marketplace for people who want to sell their handmade products . Not only can you create your own store and start listing items immediately, but there’s also an option to open up your own physical shop  and sell things that way. If you’re not sure how to get started when it comes to marketing your goods, Etsy makes it pretty easy by providing plenty of ways for sellers looking for passive income ideas in order to do so without any difficulty. Since they already have such a strong customer base in place, all you really need to do is make some new pieces or products and put them out there; Etsy will take care of the rest.

When to start your passive income journey?

Now that you know some of the best passive income ideas, you might be wondering “when is the right time to start my journey?”.

Starting a business or creating something new can be scary. You need courage and determination in order for it to work out. Don’t let anything stop you . Remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight . It will take time before your passive income kicks in but if you think about it, passive incomes are more stable than active ones because they don’t require your full attention every day. Once the ball is rolling there’s no stopping. All you need to do is set up everything properly and just sit back and enjoy the passive income coming now and then 🙂

What you should do with your passive income and how to ramp it up

Your first priority should be to figure out what you want to do with your passive income. Some people use their earnings as a way to expand other aspects of their businesses, while others treat them as an extra source of cash that they don’t have to work as hard for. Our vote will always be save for your retirement with the passive income you make. Get in touch with one of our financial planners:

Once you’ve decided how much time and effort you want to put into your passive income journey, there are several things you can do: 

1) Set goals – This seems like pretty common sense but it’s important not to underestimate the power of having something tangible in front of your face when setting your passive income goals. You’ll need to be able to look at them every day in order to stay focused and maintain your motivation. One of the best things you can do is make a list , pinned on the top of your screen where you check it every morning.

2) Test, test, test – Don’t expect everything to happen overnight. You’ll need to spend some time (usually between 6 months and a year) fine-tuning certain aspects of your passive income business before you see any real results.

3) Get started – Once you have put in enough time, effort and money into creating your business, don’t let it go to waste . It’s important to keep pushing forward even if there are days when you doubt yourself or think that all the work wasn’t worth it.

4) Don’t give up – Making money online is not easy but the journey never stops there. Once you get your first check , don’t be satisfied and keep pushing forward. There will always be new challenges to face, but that’s what makes this job so interesting . If you’re looking for passive income ideas to start earning some cash, consider these: Affiliate marketing Blogging Freelancing and selling your services Online courses and ebooks Selling products on platforms like Etsy or Amazon Fiverr Social media management Have a nice day!


Passive income sources are considered the Holy Grail by many. It allows you to make money while doing other things, as opposed to focusing all your time on one task which can be exhausting and boring. 

To start passive income journey, firstly, set goals for yourself. Secondly, test different ideas until you come across those that work best for you. Finally, never give up even when there’s a lack of motivation or courage will keep holding you back.

There are a number of lucrative niches to explore here, with financial independence being one of the most attractive options. 

By reading this blog post, you have probably found some passive income ideas that are worth looking into. If you want to learn how to actually generate money through these different types of ways, just follow what others are doing on the internet — or even better, try it for yourself if anything seems interesting enough! 

You never know when you might stumble across something that could turn into a full-time career later on down the line — all thanks to passive income ideas . Who would’ve thought finding good sources of money could be so simple? 

Just keep up with your research and one day, consider yourself lucky since there’s no need for you to worry about having enough money ever again. 

Feel free to repeat this process as many times as you like and hopefully, everything will start working in your favor soon enough.

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