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home insurance calculator

Home Insurance Calculator

Buying a home means buying homeowner’s insurance. Let’s figure out how much that might be

Figure out what your insurance might be in the calculator above. Keep in mind that the average will change depending on your location, so be sure to provide a zip code!

Calculate your insurance now

 There are six factors in an average policy. How much you want in each of them will ultimately decide what your overall premium might be. The six factors are

Dwelling- This covers any damage to the home itself.

Other Structures- Pays for any damage to things like fences or sheds.

Personal property- This covers the items you own

Additional living expenses- Covers some unforeseen circumstance. For example, If your house is getting fumigated and you need to temporarily move, this covers that.

 Liability- If someone is injured on your property, this will cover it.

 Medical Payments- pays for any treatment one might need, if they were to get hurt on your property.

You will need enough dwelling coverage to theoretically pay for rebuilding your house from the ground up, while some of the others will be made up from a percentage of that dwelling coverage.

Liability coverage is $100,000 or more, while medical coverage stays in a lower limit; between $1,000 and $5,000

Choose your insurance deductible

This is the amount you pay before your homeowners insurance does the rest. It usually falls somewhere between $500 and $2,000.

Don’t forget; the higher your deductible, the lower your premium!

Look at other factors

Beachfront properties, while beautiful, will hike up your liability coverage. Things like swimming pools and the age of the home are also important to consider.

Think about supplemental coverage

If you live in an area prone to things like earthquakes (yikes!), it might be worth considering additional coverage to the standard home insurance policy.

Get a quote

Insurers sometimes offer estimates of how much their insurance will cost. Try it out to get a sense of where you’re at.