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single mom

For the majority of my life and time growing up, it was just my mother and I. My parents’ divorce
when I was 8 years old led to my house just being filled with my mom and I. In addition to my
parents’ divorce, I didn’t see my dad much either because he had to relocate for work. So this
just left my mom and I together, and my mom was now a single working mother. However,
growing up with a single and working parent was definitely different, but it impacted me in more
positive ways than negative ways. I would say this was a blessing in disguise, for this would go
on to impact me in more ways than I could have imagined.
Growing up, my mom was not around much because of work. She worked an accounting job in
New York City, but the long commute meant she had to leave early in the morning before I left
for school, and she would come home late at night. Because of this, I was left to learn to
become independent, responsible, and strong. I believe that learning to do even the simplest of
things on my own from a young age impacted how I go about navigating life on my own now.
Not only did growing up with a single working mother teach me to be independent, but it also
gave me a strong female role model to look up to. Seeing my mom work so hard for us and our
future was inspiring. She worked hard to be able to give me a good education and life, as well
as working towards being able to retire at a younger age (which she did retire at 55!). Now,
being a college student, I strive to be like her. I want to be able to provide for myself and those I
care about and have a successful future. So I would say that seeing her work so hard has
helped me build determination for myself.
Since it was just my mother and I, we were able to form a special relationship and bond,
because even though my mother wasn’t around much during the week, when we did get to
spend time together it was special. Getting to have “girl time” over the weekend, or even just
helping me with school work when she wasn’t busy meant the world to me. I knew that even
though she was busy, she wanted to make time and be there for me. Because it was just us, my
mother was my go to person. When I needed advice about anything, whether it be about
relationships, friendships, or life, she always guided me in the right direction. Nothing was off
limits. I felt comfortable going to her about anything, because I knew she had good judgment
and was there for me, even when she couldn’t physically be there.
Even though growing up with a single working mom felt hard at times, it has shaped me into the
woman I am today. Looking back on my childhood, I definitely have realized how hard my mom
has worked for us and given me a newfound appreciation for her. I am independent, driven,
caring, and strong, just like my mother taught me to be.

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