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Net Worth

Net Worth Calculator

Net Worth is everything you have minus everything you owe.

To get started, take stock of your assets and your liabilities. Cars and houses that you
are currently paying for count as assets!… sort of. If you have a mortgage on a house
that’s valued at $1,000,000 but you still owe half of that, then $500,000 can be added to
your net worth.

Keep in mind that your income is not an asset and cannot be added to your net worth!

If you’re wondering what assets and liabilities are, here’s a breakdown.

Save yourself some stress and plan for the future.

  • Liquid Assets: Things like cash, bank accounts, and retirement accounts are what’s known as liquid assets.
  • Fixed Assets: As long as you can sell your home or car, they are considered fixed assets.
  • Liabilities: Any and all debts you might have. These include credit cards, car loans, and mortgages.

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